Institute for Foresight and Leadership

This Logo was designed from the concept of two visual element representations of an
Eagle’s Ege and a Hebrew symbol. The are several leadership qualities of an eagle; such as it’s ability to nurture it’s young, it’s powerful vision and fearlessness. Mythologies and cultures represents the eagle as a symbol of Power.

The Hebrew culture is known for their essential qualities in vision-driven leadership and the ‘Ayin’ is a Hebrew symbol for Eye, To See and Experience. These symbolisms can be attributed to your brand’s identity, vision and standards as they correspond in representation with Strategy, Insights and Leadership hence revealing an institution that has the quality experience to train and nurture it’s students to become leaders in their societies.

Designed by Chiemela Peter

ClientInstitute for Foresight and Leadership ipServicesArt Direction, Logo, Print, Branding.Year2019

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